About My Skoobi

Our Story

We started My Skoobi (it’s “ibooks” backwards, by the way) to contribute to the fundraising efforts of our public school. Instead of buying junk food and books of coupons we never redeemed, we thought it would be smarter and more fun to sell something useful that students could help to create, and that would last a long time. Self-published books are wonderful, but knowing how busy everyone is we wanted something faster and easier. And that’s how My Skoobi was born.

Here's a comprehensive Times Colonist Business Section (Victoria, B.C.) article about us:


Our Team

Lisa and Jason Stevens are the parents of two amazing school-aged girls and the founders of My Skoobi.

Lisa was a SVP of Marketing at Sony Music in New York before she moved to the online world – and Canada – to spend several years as Vice President of Marketing at AbeBooks.com (a book lover's paradise, now part of Amazon.com). She is a chronic doodler and has reams of doodled pages to prove it...she can't pass an art store without going in for a fix. As Executive Director of ActNow BC, a marketing program that has been recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the leading healthy living programs in the world, Lisa worked to engage families and communities around the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet -- don’t get her started on the hazards of selling donuts and chocolates to raise money to cure chronic disease.

Jason went to drama school in England (at the Drama Centre – serious stuff) and continues to work on screen and stage. When he’s not performing he’s teaching Movement Psychology at the  Victoria Acadamy of Dramatic Art, and performing on stage and screen. 

Nick Duncan has extensive software development experience with industry-leading companies. Over his 18 year career Nick has lead key development projects as CIO, VP Engineering and Director of Development, creating technical strategy and improving the development process for major brands including Microsoft (where he was lead on a web content management product that is now part of Sharepoint), and AbeBooks.com where he and Lisa worked together for the first time. Nick is currently Director of Development at Procura, one of Canada’s top technology companies. He is also the father of two and has experienced his share of fundraising responsibilities: My Skoobi makes that part of his life much more rewarding.

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