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Real-life customer reviews of My Skoobi...

"Skoobi, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with My Skoobi journal. It was a gift to myself for my retirement - I keep track of what I do each day.  The book has followed me through my travels to Nicaragua and Quebec in backpacks and handbags. It has held together very well and still looks great.  I have also given a number of special books to friends and they're equally happy. Thanks for making a quality product at such an affordable price!"

--  June B., Traveler and Diarist, Canada 

"I wanted to thank you again for the remarkable print quality, fast turnaround time, and friendly service. I sold 11 in one day, and heard frequent
positive feedback from customers, like, 'What a great idea', 'Look at the colours', and 'Cool!' I can't wait to put in my next order. :)"
-- Alexandra Hunter, Visual Artist   www.alexandrahunter.ca

"I cannot thank you enough – I have given your company name and your information and website out to folks – I am so impressed with the service, with the quality of the product and with the efficiently of the service. I will be promoting your product without a doubt. Thank you again."

-- Quenton L., (about his Family Reunion "memory notebooks")

"The My Skoobi notebooks were a hit! I got lots of great compliments on them, and sold quite a few during my open studio. They were also the perfect little gift to send home with clients who have purchased my artwork, or helped me out in other ways. I have been recommending them to other artists, and will do a segment on them in a marketing workshop before next year's Eastside Culture Crawl.

You were so easy to work with, and your turnaround time each step of the way was fantastic! I will definitely be doing more orders in the future."-- Lori Sokoluk www.redsokil.com


"I am very happy with the agendas and notebooks...they are brilliant and will make nice gifts! Thanks again." - Andrea P., Nova Scotia

"Dear Skoobi, the books arrived already!! I love them all...you did a wonderful job of design work around the images, thank you so much. My Daughter's wedding books look awesome, a nice surprise. Thank you very, very much...I love your work and look forward to working with you again soon! -- Colleen, Vancouver

"Hi Skoobi! My order arrived promptly on Thursday and I love the books! Hopefully they sell like hotcakes and I'll order more! Thanks for all your help." --  Karin, Calgary


"I got the notebooks -- thank you so much! I love them. This year I really am going to be organized (and I've had a digital calendar for a few years that is not working). I never have it when I need it, so I'm thrilled to have this low-fi solution." -- Claire, Toronto

"we LOVE our notebooks.... we will be ordering more next year." -- Jen, Seattle http://www.ucds.org/

"The high quality of My Skoobi notebooks is the number one comment I receive. I am very pleased with the quality and reasonable prices, and also the professionalism of your business." --- Marlene Howell http://www.marlenehowellgallery.blogspot.com/

"I am very pleased with the quality of the reproduction of my artworks printed on the My Skoobi note books and also with the fast shipping and customer service. When I needed some help with formatting, My Skoobi did a wonderful job with overlays and interesting lay outs of my paintings. I also love the fact that I can order individual images without having to order in multiples. I can't wait to place my next order to promote my art!" -- Gabrielle Greig www.mrspicasso.com

"I continue to sell out of the My Skoobi notebooks. In fact, at my last workshop I brought the ten I had left and they were sold within an hour! The notebooks featuring my art have given me an edge that makes my work even more visible at shows among hundreds of artists. While others are still trying to sell their art cards, I'm selling custom made notebooks featuring my paintings. Of course, then the notebooks are used at work or school by the people who bought them, and my art is seen by many more potential customers." -- Leslie Redhead http://leslieredheadart.blogspot.com/

"What a fantastic new innovative way to promote my artwork! The notebooks are beautiful, high quality, unique and inexpensive. I create the most amazing design with the images of my acrylic and oil paintings, the possibilities are endless and it's user friendly! I love my Skoobi notebooks!" -- Annie Pelletier http://www.anniepelletier.com/

"I first met My Skoobi at the 2011 National Art Education Association Conference; there I found a sampling of their stunningly beautiful, highly detailed, personalized, perfect bound notebooks, and found myself enamored by their enthusiasm and love for the art community at large. Back at SchoolArts, I was putting together prize packages for the winners of our Artist Trading Card contest and My Skoobi offered to create sketchbooks for the winners, featuring their own artwork on the cover! (My heart grew three times) I uploaded the winners artwork to the My Skoobi site and in just a few days, POOF! there they were -- handsome sketchbooks each featuring a winner’s work. I don’t know how My Skoobi did it in such a small slice of time, but I do know that I think they are truly remarkable! " -- Jessica McCorkle, SchoolArts magazine, Worcester Mass USA.

"Our charity has used My Skoobi to produce notebooks as a fundraising venture on more than one occasion. We offered our charity child’s artwork as well as custom artwork for the notebook covers. Both products sold well and it gave parents and others an opportunity to showcase their own child’s art. For our charity, Rene’s own art gave us a glimpse into the special child he is.

My Skoobi produced an excellent product, both in terms of quality and service, and all sold very well. I would not hesitate to recommend My Skoobi, both as a fundraising venture or just as a very unique gift. --Julie King, Co-Chair, Rene’s Rainbows www.renesrainbows.com


'We were very pleased with the quality and colour of the reproduction of the children's artwork on the books - and the fast turnaround! We will definitely be getting more books printed in the future! Right from the very start, with our first conversation, you were more than generous with your support - whether it was with your time or your product!!! You have a wonderful business, on so many levels and we wish you all the best!! Looking forward to the next time our paths cross!! -- ArtsREACH


"The books we have made at Sotheby's through myskoobi.com have been fantastic. Clients we have given them to absolutely love them. We will be continuing to order these great representations of our properties at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada." - Scott Piercy, Sotheby's International Realty


"I received my My Skoobi notebooks today and have already spread them around amongst my friends and sung your praises!! Wonderful product. I am as impressed as I thought I would be!!! Thanks so much. You are the heart of art!!" -- Janice M., Victoria BC


"Our class project with My Skoobi Notebooks was an exciting experience for all. The children delighted in seeing their drawings come to life on the cover of a notebook. The process of honouring their art by creating original, lasting booklets using their drawings was a great source of pride for my students. As a classroom teacher, I found the book-making project to be easy, time and cost efficient, and of very good quality. The possibilities are endless in terms of uses for the notebooks. One of our favorite ideas is to create a "Family Notebook" for moms and dads at Christmas time. The expression on their faces when they receive their gift is absolutely priceless....and very satisfying!" - Margaret Lincoln, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Michael's University School

"I am a professional artist of some twenty five years. Not only was the reproduction of my work sharp, clean and precise, it was impeccably well presented in a product that is professional in every sense of the word.

Upon returning to Gibsons with a collection of my new books, I showed them to one local real estate salesperson. She immediately ordered 100 books and I was able to deliver in short order. Not just the product is great, so too is the service as provided by Lisa and My Skoobi. I have since talked to that real estate agent, who is using these books as corporate gifts to clients, and she reports that to a person the reception of these books has been most positive. In fact, she can see another order of books on the horizon.

I am totally pleased with the books as provided by My Skoobi. I can forecast years of continued access to these books. My clients love them and want more

- Ed Hill, Artist, www.edhillart.com


" I used photos for my first order--pix of my niece for my brother and his wife -- and then I made and scanned a collage for my friend. I LOVE My Skoobi, the possibilities are endless. I will be a return customer for sure."

- Sue C., Los Angeles CA


"My order arrived today and I am so pleased with the three My Skoobi notebooks! I am giving them to my daughter for her birthday next month as the artwork is from her three children from a few years ago. I think she will be very surprised and happy with them."

-- Marcia S, Victoria BC

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