All you need is paper, something to write with, and an idea....

Follow these simple steps to make your own My Skoobi notebooks, journals, and 2012 day planners.

CREATE your artwork.

Paint, felt pen, oils, acrylics, watercolor, crayon, charcoal, collage, pastel, finger paints...any art supplies work.

Use artwork or photographs you already have, or create something special from scratch.

For class projects, it's simplest to use 8 ½" x 11" or 11" x 17" paper size: it’s easy to scan and has the same proportions as the notebook covers.

Paper can be white or coloured, textured or plain.

See Design Tips to get the best results.


Any home printer/scanner will work. Place your artwork image down on the scanning bed and select “scan”. Set your scanner to 300 dpi for best results. SAVE your digital copy as a JPEG (or JPG) file. No other file type will work. If you're starting with another type of digital file, just save a new copy as a JPEG.

If you have a piece of art too big for your scanner or you don’t have a scanner, most office supply stores will scan for a small fee. Or, you can take a photograph with a digital camera.

Make sure you crop your digital image cleanly and in a proportion that aligns with the notebook cover shape for best results.

ORDER your My Skoobi custom notebooks and planners!

Questions? See our FAQ page.