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Return Policy

My Skoobi notebooks are made to be loved. Our printers are professional and top notch workmanship is guaranteed. We will reprint your notebooks at no cost to you if there is an error in printing or if your notebooks arrive damaged. To qualify for a reprint, you must contact us at within 10 days of receiving your order. We may ask you to send us your damaged or incorrect notebook. There may be subtle differences in colour if you reprint the same book at different times: this is part of the printing process and does not constitute reasonable grounds for free reprints.

Remember that you are using hand-made artwork as the source for your note book covers, and you are providing 100% of the design content for your cover. So spelling mistakes and creative errors (including smudges, low resolution scans, and dirt on your scan) are entirely your responsibility. If you are worried about the way your notebook will look, especially if you're planning to order a large number of copies, it’s a great idea to use the "View PDF" option in Step 3, and an even better idea to order one copy first to make sure you're happy with your work before you place your entire order. It's very affordable to order one first and make sure you're happy before you order lots of copies for your project.

When we are creating a custom interior, for example for a school or business conference, we send you the layout to approve first.  Once we have that approval from you, any mistakes are your responsibility: we will not reprint for free any notebooks or planners that have been approved for printing by the customer.  So check 'em carefully!

Questions? See our FAQ page.