Free Sample Request for Fundraisers

Dear Fundraiser-Extraordinaire,

Thank-you for your interest in My Skoobi: we’re happy to send you a product sample so you can experience the high quality, get your creative juices flowing, and share your fundraising idea with others.

Please fill in the information below so we can choose the perfect samples for your needs.

We’ll follow up with you for a quick confirmation by telephone or before we send your samples. But don’t worry, we promise to be friendly and efficient, just like our notebook-making process!

Please note: product samples are exclusively for fundraisers planning to use our products in their campaigns.  My Skoobi reserves the right to deny free product requests for any reason, in it's sole discretion.  If the shipping address is not a registered charity or school your request for free samples will automatically be denied.  If the name of the requestor is not a verified member of staff at a charity the request will automatically be denied.  We're sorry that we cannot honour every request that comes our way, but we are a small company and such largess is beyond our resources. Thanks for your understanding (and remember, our notebooks just cost a few dollars, so you can affordably make a custom "sample" just for you.)

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