Custom notebook ideas to help get you started.

Design your My Skoobi notebooks and planners to use any way you like. Here are a few suggestions inspired by the wonderful covers we get to see every day.

Art Shows, Studio Tours, Workshops, and Paint-Ins

Custom notebooks are a unique product for artists. If you have a booth at an artshow, if you're hosting an art workshop or opening your studio for a tour, it's smart to have My Skoobi custom notebooks on hand to give and sell. You can easily include your name and website address on the back cover so that your customers can recommend you to their networks (remember, your art notebooks will be at meetings and schools and a million other places).  With My Skoobi you pay only the wholesale cost for the books, so you can sell them affordably and make a profit, or give them away without breaking your budget.

Many artists tell us they use their My Skoobi notebooks as thank-you gifts for volunteers and big customers, but even more sell their custom books at a 100% mark-up. And they sell out.

Summer Journals

My Skoobi notebooks are a simple and rewarding family art and writing project, and an excellent way to encourage creative writing over the summer. For example, design a cover that reflects your dreams for the summer,  include your name and "Summer 2012" in your cover artwork, and then use your one-of-a-kind journal to record the thoughts and adventures you have. (Many journal makers choose half blank/half lined pages for the inside, so they can record sketches and words.)

School Day Planners

We offer two options: create your own cover with our website and pubish a planner with a calendar year as a basis, or contact us to order custom interiors to go with your custom cover (minimum 100 planners for the custom interior) covering just the school year.

My Skoobi school planners are 100 pages: they stack neatly, are lighter for students to carry, and are very durable with pages that can't be ripped out and covers that can be wiped clean.  We don't pre-print any religious or public holidays: just add the ones that matter to you.

To discuss  adding a custom interior printed with all your special school year dates throughout the calendar pages, your choice of coil or perfect binding, and an option to include a pocket inside for notices, please contact us at .

School and Class Projects

Students of any age can have fun with My Skoobi notebooks while they learn about art, design, publishing, and digital technology. My Skoobi is a great way to preserve and showcase student’s artwork as well as their written work: they can design special workbooks to use in class for creative writing projects, home journals, science experiments, reports, poetry anthologies, sketch books…the list is as colourful as your imagination, and the result is a long-lasting souvenir that students and parents will treasure.

My Skoobi notebooks are the perfect gift from kids to parents, and a great class or home project for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Creative Non-Fat Fundraisers

Custom designed day planners and notebooks featuring your unique artwork and photographs in honour of your Special Cause can be resold for profit.  They have a long life and are very visible in the community -- an artistic and useful product that everyone can feel good about. Calorie and preservative free.

Stand Out

It’s more fun to have a stand-out personalized notebook or day planner featuring your own artwork than an off-the-rack mass produced one (and a good way to make sure no one walks off with your notes!).  My Skoobi notebooks always make an impression.

Art Therapy

Using My Skoobi notebooks as part of art therapy is a unique and personal way to elevate the artwork created and provide an integrated tool for communicating and recording thoughts and feelings.


Our prices are low so it’s easy to sell My Skoobi notebooks at a higher price and earn a profit. For example:

  • Children’s Hospitals: the children’s art on the cover of this useful product sells itself. Publish a small number of samples and then print only the number of notebooks you sell using the samples, so there is minimal upfront cost and no wasted inventory or risk.
  • Schools: Each student can sell their own unique creation to friends and family. Also, notebooks with the school crest or logo are a great addition to selling branded apparel - a lower price point makes them affordable for all students, one size fits all, and they’re useful in class (it’s fun to have a student art contest, and sell notebooks featuring the winning designs). Parents: creative notebooks are much more practical and personal than junk food or coupon books, and you will be proud to display your child's creative spirit.
  • Teams and clubs: ditch the junkfood and sell something that people can really use. Put a photo of your group on the front or back, make one sample for each member to show their networks and solicit orders from. Then place an order for exactly how many you have sold. No risk, no waste, no calories!


Looking to make some extra money? Start your own local My Skoobi service. For example, host a table at a local craft fair or school event: collect the artwork, process the orders using our easy online tools, and deliver the notebooks to your customers for a fee. Adding just $2 per book as your service charge can generate significant income from just one school, and the price will still be affordable for your customers. Busy teachers and parents are happy to have someone else handling the details. (See Our HELP section for handy guidelines and sample order forms.)

Private art teachers can create and sell My Skoobi notebooks featuring their student’s art as part of their course offering, either included in the cost of the classes or for an additional fee. It's a great way for you to promote your classes and help students share their work and develop their skills.

Artists and photographers can use My Skoobi notebooks to drive additional revenue from their work, selling the notebooks in local gift shops and galleries, to local businesses as a client gift, or online on their own websites or artist marketplaces like Etsy and Novica.

Business and Corporate

Notebooks and day planners are a part of everyday life in the business world: what better way to promote a new campaign, profile your business, reward a team, thank a customer, commemorate a milestone, or provide a key resource to attendees at an important presentation or meeting.  Why give out blank notebooks and pads of paper when you can easily provide a notebook that reinforces your message and promotes your project or business?  We've seen our customers use My Skoobi notebooks to give to clients and partners in the fields of real estate, export, fashion, health promotion, automobile sales, and more. My Skoobi is great branding.  And that's great business.

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